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Penola Recyclables accepts the following goods:

10c Refundable Bottles

We accept all 10c SA approved and purchased containers

Glass Bottles & Jars

Non-refundable wine bottles and glass jars. Please note, bottles no longer need to be sorted into colour


Plastic bottle tops and plastic milk containers are also accepted. Please note there is no refund provided for these.


Event Bins

Penola Recyclables can provide yellow recycling bins for your event free of charge.  Please contact us below to request your bins now!

Trailer Hire

We are an agent for U-Haul Trailers. 

All bookings online


Make your visit easier and quicker

Here are some little things you can do to make your visit to Penola Recyclables easier and quicker for you.


  • Sort products into glass / plastic / lpb / hdpe and cans

  • Cans can be sorted into beer and others

  • Glass no longer needs to be sorted in to colour 

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